QDS specializes in customer relationship management. We pride ourselves in our ability to seamlessly extend our client's own core capabilities and institutionalize vision. This high level value-added integration is possible because of our partner based philosophy. We fully extend our extensive resources to each of our clients. This allows us to implement the most highly effective programs, based on sound strategy and customized engineering.



QDS provides both business-to-consumer and business-to-business outbound tele services, which consist primarily of direct sales activities initiated by the company or government agency on behalf of its clients. These activities are directed toward client-generated, electronically transmitted lists of customers who have been selected to match the demographic profile of the targeted customers. We offer sophisticated data analysis techniques to maximize the probability of a successful transaction. In addition, we provide constant campaign performance information that is utilized to evaluate our calling strategies and refocus our efforts when necessary.


QDS's Value Proposition

QDS and our partner, TREC Global, bring to you all the necessary components for a superior Call Center and BPO solution, with the benefit of significant cost savings. We provide outsourcing excellence through people, processes and experience.


Trec's staff qualifications include:

  • World-class English skills.
  • All candidates are university graduates.
  • Continuous Training. All new hires go through a comprehensive initial training program, followed by customized client training and on-going performance improvement training.
  • Unique program where the Offshore Team Leader meets the U.S. client as part of the knowledge transfer process.
  • Low employee turnover.
  • Career paths for each employee are mapped out based on their skills and leadership abilities.
  • Strength of our processes

  • Ability to develop a deep understanding of unique business requirements.
  • Develop customized solutions built upon proven concepts and best practices.
  • Highly developed Onsite Management - Offshore Delivery Model.
  • Unique "Train the Offshore Team Leader" process.
  • Thorough knowledge transfer and transition process.
  • Quality Assurance and Continuous Performance Improvement.
  • Detailed performance reporting.
  • Depth of our experience

  • Experienced Senior Management - in the U.S., Manila and India.
  • Experience in developing solutions based on client unique requirements.
  • Experience in delivering a superior customer contact experience.
  •          Over Fourteen Years of Outsourcing Competence