Web Mining

QDS web mining helps companies collect and analyze data. Web Mining can help optimize system performance and derive meaningful information from disparate data sources.


QDS's web mining solution utilizes both third-party solutions and QDS's own internally-generated tools that allow data found both on the Web and within the Enterprise to be brought together to create actionable information.


A Web Agent is an automated program designed to mimic the behavior of a human, and can deliver high value content on a fully-automated, 24 x 7 basis. QDS's Agents automate the process of monitoring Web sites and collecting information, including minute changes to Web sites, indicating changes in pricing, products, personnel, breaking news, regularly changing data, and more.


QDS's expertise and experience in the Publishing and Business Information industries provide a valuable tool enabling the further transformation of raw data collected into usable information. Content is delivered over any number of media including XML, RSS, email, file systems and direct feeds to SQL databases and Excel.




  • Obtaining filtered data from web pages.
  • Scanning websites for changes.
  • Gap analysis and assessment.
  • Extraction, transformation and loading data into your database.



  • Web mining and listing.
  • Web search, product research, market research, survey and analysis.
  • Web search and mailing list search.
  • Web research and online data entry.
  • Online form entry and submission.
  • Online research and database creation.