Yellow Pages

Business Growth - Increased Online Presence, Quality and Drive Usage

  • Map and classify unstructured listings to structured, searchable data.


  • Enhance current business listings – Services, Payment Methods, Business Profile, Languages Spoken, Specialties, Coupons, and more.


  • Classify and rate businesses or your advertisers based on customer reviews posted on the Web – Blogs, Company Web pages, Social Media, Online pages and more.


  • Social Media enhancements – Twitter and/or Facebook presence and Account Names.


  • Create Landing Pages for individual businesses. Maintain content and monitor usage.


  • Increase Local Content – local community events, art & entertainment events, etc. - updated regularly on your online Pages.


  • Build out large scale content database. Add business listings and enhance content.


    Business Growth - Specialized Sales Support Services

  • Sales sheets – List prospective advertisers that have no ad presence in your online Pages.


  • Sales Proposal Support targeting National Advertisers.


            Analyze/Classify Paid Ads (online or print) by select National Advertisers.  Selective keying/extraction of paid ads in specific geographies e.g. What is the ad presence (print/online) of  businesses such as Target, Sears, Walmart, etc. in Blue Bell PA?


           Compare ad presence in your markets (online/print) across competitors e.g. Nationwide vs. Progressive vs. State Farm Insurance


            Pro-active targeting of CMRs and National Advertisers with actionable data


  • Targeting Co-Op Advertising programs.  Identify opportunities, analyze data, create sales proposals.


    Improved Customer Experience - Data Quality Enhancement


           Are there gaps in your data – URLs, Addresses, Zip Codes, E-mail addresses missing or incomplete?


           Paid ads not in sequence?


           Broken URL links?


           Incomplete addresses?


           Incorrect classification in a heading


           QDS’s tools, tables and manual proof reading and correction of data will ensure that bad hyperlinks, gaps and errors in data (incorrect listings) are addressed cost effectively



    Cost Savings - YP Ad Layout - Design, Creation and Maintenance


    QDS’s offshore team can be your graphics production department, providing:


              Creative design services


              Finished artwork


              Maintenance of existing artwork


              Production of Trademark, display, in-column and internet ads


              Creation of Landing Pages