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Office Equipment Manufacturers Data

The global office equipment market has generally been volatile and is
impacted by the overall global economy. Consumers of industrial strength
office equipment include government, financial institutions, small,
medium and large businesses. Technological changes leading to enhanced
models occur frequently.

QDS has deep domain expertise acquired over 7+ years, in monitoring and
reporting, on a near real-time basis, changes happening in the industry
in terms of the actual equipment developed and launched (not forecasts,
trends etc.). Breadth and depth of data QDS provides its client includes
information on products from nine countries – USA, Canada, UK, Germany,
France, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong & Singapore)

  • Involving more than 170 manufacturers
  • Over 20,000 products
  • 7 product types Copiers/Printers/Scanners/Wide-Format/Cut-Sheet/Continuous Feed/3D Printers
  • Four languages – English, French, German and Italian