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Business Growth - Increased Online Presence, Quality, and Drive Usage

  • Map and classify unstructured listings to structured, searchable data
  • Enhance current business listings – services, payment methods, business profile, languages spoken, specialties, coupons, and more
  • Classify and rate businesses or your advertisers based on customer reviews posted on the web – blogs, company web pages, social media, online pages, and more
  • Social media enhancements – Twitter and / or Facebook presence and account names
  • Increase local content – local community events, art and entertainment events, etc. – updated regularly on your online pages
  • Build out large-scale content database. Add business listings and enhance content

Business Growth - Increased Online Presence, Quality, and Drive Usage

  • Sales sheets – list prospective advertisers that have no ad presence in your online pages
  • Sales proposal support targeting national advertisers

    • Analyze / classify paid online ads by select national advertisers. Selective keying / extraction of paid ads in specific geographies e.g. What is the online ad presence of businesses such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy etc. in Blue Bell, PA?
    • Compare online ad presence in your markets across competitors e.g. Nationwide vs. Progressive vs. State Farm Insurance

Improved Customer Experience - Data Quality Enhancement

  • Are there gaps in your data – URLs, addresses, zip codes, email addresses missing or incomplete?
  • Broken URL links?
  • Incomplete addresses?
  • Incorrect classification in a heading
  • QDS’s tools, tables, and manual proofreading and correction of data will ensure that bad hyperlinks, gaps, and errors in data (incorrect listings) are addressed cost effectively