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Quality Assurance

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“QDS offered us a process to not only collect greater quantities of content but also to generate significant reductions in cycle time as well. The results of this initial project were so successful a decision was made to expand the collection to other data types.”
Director – Product Planning, leading global provider of business content

Quality Matter to Us

Highest quality output is the goal of every function undertaken and provided by QDS, and is based on our core philosophy of metrics, measurement, monitoring and management. All efforts and commitment are geared towards meeting that goal.

Quality Objectives

  • Error-free delivery
  • Maximize customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement of processes and methodologies
  • Focus on training for refinement of skills

Quality Initiatives

Optimizing processes – high level of skill and expertise in 

  • Design
  • Process management
  • Quality management

Quality Framework

  • Full project management and process quality audits
  • Documented and repeatable processes