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Client-QDS Solution Journey

To QDS, an outsourcing services provider, our most fun outsourcing opportunity is when a client seeks us out as a partner in a journey to find an optimal solution to a vexing issue where there are multiple choices/paths.

Budgets, technologies, time constraints are traditional impediments to overcome. A client wanted a solution to update and maintain their contact database and keep it current. Run of the mill solutions popped out like a popcorn maker. Yes, we are talking of web mining (sure, businesses always update their websites!), outbound calling (sure, people always answer phones and are always happy to talk to you!), or subscriptions to national directories (sure, they are always accurate, current and inexpensive!).
Before one rejects any of these solutions, business textbooks recommend that we test every hypothesis and rule out false positives, false negatives, false whatever. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an affordable outsourcing partner, with deep domain expertise, and one that works with a sense of urgency every day, to create an optimal solution? QDS is proud to be such a partner and we have verifiable references to prove our successes. For more information, please contact us.

Carbon Foot Print

Transportation contributes to a significant portion of an individual’s carbon footprint. 20% of our staff walk to work, yes, actually walk to work; 60% use public transportation, 10% work from home, and the rest drive to work. Our bigger competitors bus their employees to large facilities where they have long commutes, typically an hour plus. QDS by design and since inception 18+ years ago, intentionally created small offices clustered around neighborhoods away from city center. We enjoy the success of attracting employees from these neighborhoods. We also take advantage of working for customers in different time zones and stagger shifts to avoid overlapping with local rush hour traffic.

Big Data and QDS

Big Data can mean different things to different organizations. QDS acquires for its customer, through web mining and outbound voice campaigns, and provides contact and related data on thousands of school districts, hundreds of thousands of schools, thousands of colleges, and millions of school (K-12) and Higher Education personnel. Challenges abound with data relevance, capture, currency, velocity, changing technologies, seasonality, quality assurance, and data transfer.

QDS is a proud and exclusive partner in providing such volumes, breadth, and quality year round, for the past 18+ years.
For more information, please contact us.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Every company probably has a story to tell on diversity, equity and inclusiveness. QDS may be small, but our successes are huge, with respect to accommodating and respecting all genders, religions, economic, social backgrounds, ages and languages spoken.

Out of our 15 senior managers, 8 are male and 7 are female. All managers have been with QDS for at least 6 years and several over 10 years. Also 80% of our team-leads are female. In addition, out of our entire staff, 99% come from lower economic and social backgrounds where neither parent went to college.
We are proud of our 18 year history, enjoying great success in a fiercely competitive outsourcing landscape in India. QDS’ reputation in the industry is instrumental in our successes in recruitment and retention. We recruit from small towns and villages and prospective candidates get to meet our managers, to whom they can relate in terms of background and more.

QDS and WorldWide Office Equipment Data

The global office equipment market has generally been volatile and is impacted by the overall global economy. Consumers of industrial strength office equipment include government, financial institutions, small, medium and large businesses. Technological changes leading to enhanced models occur frequently. QDS has deep domain expertise acquired over 7+ years, in monitoring and reporting, on a near real-time basis, changes happening in the industry in terms of the actual equipment developed and launched (not forecasts, trends etc.). Breadth and depth of data QDS provides its client includes information on products from nine countries – USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong & Singapore); involving more than 170 manufacturers; over 20,000 products; 7 product types Copiers/Printers/Scanners/Wide-Format/Cut-Sheet/Continuous Feed/3D Printers and in four languages – English, French, German and Italian. For more information, please contact us.

QDS and Lockdown Story

Quadrant Data Solutions is a “Can Do” company. In the current global lockdown here is our hard-working employee working from home. Working from home could also be working anywhere and doing whatever it takes. From a remote village in southern India she is working under the trees in a make-shift setup as that is the only place where she can get an internet signal. Wow !!!

QDS & Core Customer Base

Quadrant Data Solutions’ core customer base has been with us for 18+ years. Why? We show our customers every day that we care. Are you walking a tight rope and can use help? Don’t talk to us, ask (Contact us.) to talk to any of our customers. They will tell you how much we care and how much they trust us. You can too.

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