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We have had a very effective and productive relationship with Quadrant Data Solutions since 2011. The QDS team has supplied us with data look-up and capture, assisting in a process to update, cleanse, and enhance our database. Its data support now is embedded in the onboarding process for new clients. QDS also provides us with foreign language translations of financial terminology and data entry.
QDS’s process management strengths have resulted in efficient and cost-effective solutions, eliminating time-consuming tasks for our employees and numerous clients.
We are delighted to recommend QDS. Its responsiveness to deadlines and requests always has been excellent, and its vendor / client communication is exceptional. QDS continues to deliver quality, on time, and at a fair price.
– Director of Corporate Development, leading provider of business-to-business, financial risk management solutions – July 2015
I worked with QDS extensively for 4 years. I found their service prompt, turnaround reliable, quality of work high, and communications seamless. I would recommend QDS without reservation for data research and processing needs.
– Stephen L. Torpie – Senior Managing Editor at LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell
QDS has been instrumental in supporting the growth and development of our health care recruitment services website. By providing data conversion from a variety of program sources at breakneck speed, we have been able to provide our clients with high-quality customer service. I am impressed with how well they understand our needs and how intuitive they are in supporting our development goals. They took the lead in working with our platform services vendor while providing solutions to difficult production challenges, keeping us informed and up-to-date during the project launch. QDS has emerged as our partner in our digital products development strategy, and we look forward to working with them on our next set of digital development challenges.
– Eric Kun, Sales Manager, Elsevier, Inc, Pharma Solutions Group
I have had the pleasure of working with QDS for 3 years now at LexisNexis and ADS. The quality of their work is outstanding. QDS comes to a project with an open mind and proposes creative solutions like they did when they fixed my matching program at LexisNexis after 3 vendors failed before them.
– John Roney, formerly VP at Martindale-Hubbell, currently President of ADS
My business group was one of the first customers of QDS. We were sourcing a high-quality, cost-effective data collection solution around business content. QDS offered us a process to not only collect greater quantities of content but also to generate significant reductions in cycle time as well. The results of this initial project were so successful a decision was made to expand the collection to other data types. 
We have been very satisfied with the leadership, flexibility, and results we have received from QDS, so much so we sourced an entirely new product build to them. It was delivered on time, with high quality, and on budget.
I highly recommend QDS and continue to look to them as a strategic partner in helping me grow my business.
– Director – Product Planning, leading global provider of business content
Reed Technology & Information Services has been working with Quadrant eLabeling (QeL, QDS’s pharmaceutical division) since 2006, when the structured product labeling (SPL), physicians labeling rule (PLR) was mandated by the FDA. Reed Tech teamed with QeL, the leading provider of PLR Highlights Structuring and Coding guidance and assistance. By so doing, Reed Tech’s customers had the opportunity to have the highest quality highlights information, including creation of Highlights Text and development of Highlights Codes, prepared by QeL’s industry-leading subject matter experts, Drs. Leander Fontaine and Sidney Kahn.
Working with Drs. Fontaine and Kahn and QDS’s President, Jack Todes, has been a pleasure. Their work is always of the highest quality, always on time, and always customer focused. QDS always provides superior technical and regulatory support and service. Reed Tech is extremely satisfied with QDS’s dealings with our customers and Reed Tech staff.
Our partnership over the years with QDS has been a winner: for our customers and ourselves. They are a pleasure to work with.
– Mark P. Bayer, VP, Business Development, Reed Technology & Information Services
QDS is a true partner to work with. They listened to what we needed to have done, made sure that they understood, and internalized the process and outcomes so that they know the project as well as we do. They also made many suggestions on how we can make changes to the process in order to get better throughput from their team. When it was time to validate the quality of their work, they took all suggestions and made immediate changes in order to be consistently above the quality standards. I would recommend them without hesitation.
– Director of Product Engineering, international publishing company
The QDS technical team based in India understood very quickly the complex and very detailed labeling content (SPL) requirements. With their professional, creative, and enthusiastic teamwork, they reduced significantly the complexities of deploying of a high-tech solution and ensured accurate label conversion and 100% compliance and acceptance by the FDA.
– Dr. Sidney Kahn, SME – QeL
We have been working with QDS for about the past 5 years. We are extremely satisfied with the technical support and service that they have provided us with. They are easy to work with, flexible, and truly focus on their customer’s needs. Their high-quality work is always done in a timely fashion, and we highly recommend them.
– Clive Goldin, President, Protect-A-Bed
QDS was able to convert dispersed unstructured web data into structured data that met all of our objectives. They have been instrumental in enabling our company to carry out web data mining operations that we could never hope to accomplish on our own with the same budget. We continue to rely on them for ongoing and one-time projects where we need immediate and accurate results.
– IT Manager – established transportation company
QDS’s management team draws upon many years of experience in data management to lead their organization. Their collaborative leadership style not only brings out the best in their teams but also wins the respect and trust of their clients. If needed, their management team rolls-up their sleeves to ensure you get your expected levels of content quality and coverage. I highly recommend QDS for your data needs and more.
– Senior Project Manager, leading global provider of business content
Working with the QDS team is a pleasure. They’re technologically savvy and go the extra mile to get projects done on time. A major product launch and continuing maintenance would not have been possible had they not been such an excellent partner, receiving feedback and updating processes to ensure quality results. The range of work they do is amazing. They’re a one-stop data group. I would definitely work with them again.
– Senior Web Content & Community Editor, leading global provider of business content